Disclaimer: Everyone lifestyle is different and some people are more active than others. You may experience a nail come off. Please follow the application instructions and tips to ensure a longer wear.

Instructions on how to apply press on nail
1.File your natural nail
2.Use the cuticle stick to gently push back cuticles
3.Gently buff your natural nail with the buffer
4.Use alcohol wipe to clean your nails
5.Apply glue over your entire natural nail or stick nail tap to your natural nail
6.Place press on nail over your natural nail and hold for 15 seconds
7.Repeat all steps on each nail until your set is complete
Removal of Press On Nails
1.Soak your nails in a bowl of warm soapy water for 5-10(Nail Tabs) 10-20 (Nail Glue)
2.Use cuticle stick to gently lift the press on nail or peel off your press on nail
3.If you are unable to, please repeat steps. 

Tips to make your press on last
·Make sure you buff and clean your nails before applying your press on. The glue needs something rough and clean to stick to. Also buff the inside of the press on nail. With doing so, your press on will stay in place longer.
· Apply enough glue on nails and press down firmly
· Avoid prolonged water exposure. If you are washing dishes, please wear gloves to ensure your nails do not start to lift. Wait 15-20 to wash your hands after applying nails to ensure they are dry.

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